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Find out about the food you should and shouldn’t feed to your pets and take your chance to win £400 worth of Sainsbury’s vouchers

We are a nation of animal lovers, from dogs to cats, we can’t get enough of our furry friends. But we’ve all been there, whilst nibbling away on a biscuit, you’re greeted by your beloved pet begging to get in on the tasty action. You stand firm. Maybe even turn your back to the pestering pooch, but soon enough your biscuit is surrendered.

However, it’s not just sweet treats we’re willing to share with our four legged friends, according to recent research conducted by Direct Line Pet Insurance, half of all pet owners sheepishly admit to feeding their dogs fast food – with men the worst culprits.

Some of us have even had to take our pet to the vets for ingesting the wrong types of food!

Consequently, one in five of us worry about whether we are feeding our pets the right things. Foods we may normally associate with good health for humans, such as dark chocolate, raisins, grapes, or onions, are potentially lethal to dogs. Unless you know the facts, giving a pet your leftovers isn’t always the kindest idea.

Preventative healthcare is very important to Direct Line Pet Insurance, who have put together a series of treat or snack…………… continues on

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