What Pet Insurance Covers
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You love your pet, but if it were to get seriously ill or injured, you probably haven’t saved the money to pay for its care. Sure, an emergency fund to cover pet expenses sounds like a great idea. But if you’re honest, paying a pet insurance premium is more likely to happen than promising yourself you’ll save into a pet emergency fund. And you do need an emergency fund of some kind (see How Much Does Your Pet Truly Cost?).

All the same, if you’re considering pet insurance, don’t sign up until you know all of the facts.

Comparing it to your own health coverage isn’t that enlightening. Pet insurance functions more like property insurance. Paying more for human health insurance generally gets you lower deductibles and higher percentages of your healthcare bills covered. With pet insurance, paying more also gets lower deductibles – but what you’re buying in addition is coverage for a wider range of illnesses and problems. Let’s check out what pet insurance does and doesn’t cover.

How Coverage Is Structured

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