Vets for Vets: How Veterans Can Get Free Pet Insurance for Their Service Dogs
News from South Bend Tribune:

Minna Moonsammy and her service dog, Rigby, are taking advantage of a new program that provides free pet insurance to veterans with service dogs. Pet insurance provider Trupanion was recently awarded a contract with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to provide medical insurance to veteran-owned service dogs at no cost to veterans. Veterans can take their eligible enrolled service dogs to a veterinarian, and Trupanion will pay the bill in full.

“Most veterans that are in need of these animals to assist us in our daily living do not have access to the funds necessary to keep these animals in the level of health required for longevity,” says Moonsammy, a U.S. veteran. “As with human beings, those with insurance and the ability to pay healthcare costs are more likely to visit a doctor more often which prevents major health problems from getting out of control.”

Veterans must have approval from a VA medical care provider stating that the dog is an essential part of the treatment plan for the veteran in order to be eligible for the veterinary benefits.

“Veterans, like

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