Top 5 Most Costly Pet Insurance Claims
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We aren’t the only ones who get sick or into accidents. Pets are susceptible to the same predicaments, and in those situations, pet owners are willing to do (and pay) anything to make sure their companions are safe.

Pets Best Insurance recently published the top five most costly pet insurance claims it received in the past year. These claims cost pet owners $ 10,000 or more at the vet.

“Vet costs are on the rise because pet owners are willing to spend almost any amount to save their pets,” says Dr. Jack Stephens, president and founder of Pets Best. “[Pet insurance] helps pet owners focus on their pets in time of stress, instead of focusing on their bank accounts.”

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5. Endocarditis.

Endocarditis is an inflammation on the inside lining of the heart chambers and valves. One pet owner submitted a claim related to the condition for over $ 11,000.


4. Intervertebral Disc Disease.

Intervertebral disc disease is a slipped disc in the spinal cord that often leaves an animal unable to move or feel sensation in their limbs. CT scans, MRIs and surgery are of…………… continues on PropertyCasualty360

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