Thousands of owners stranded as Lloyds closes pet insurance division
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Tens of thousands of pet owners will be left high and dry after Lloyds Banking Group announced that it is closing down its pet insurance division.

Both Halifax and Lloyds TSB have offered pet insurance products for several years and insure around 50,000 pets. But Lloyds Banking Group, which owns both brands, has decided to pull out of the market.

A spokesperson stated that the banking group had undergone a detailed review of its insurance products and had decided to withdraw its pet insurance product in order to “focus on our core markets of home, motor and business insurance”.

Is pet insurance worth it?

Soaring premiums

The news will be a big blow for anyone who has taken advantage of Halifax’s generous policy that allows pet owners to claim for a specific illness of condition year after year – many policies have a 12-month limit per…………… continues on Moneywise Magazine
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