Shrinking market makes it harder for owners to insure their pets
News from The Independent:

Just as young drivers are forced to dig deep for expensive car insurance, many pet owners face rising costs and a dearth of options as insurers leave the market. With vet bills predicted to rise by 15 per cent, how do customers get the best cover?

Lloyds TSB and Halifax recently announced they are pulling out of the pet insurance market, leaving some 50,000 owners having to find alternative cover. The Lloyds Banking Group, which owns both brands, has said that their underwriters Agria will not be offering renewal terms. Only a few weeks ago another prominent company, Petguard, cancelled hundreds of policies after changing its underwriter earlier this year and informed customers that it would not be able to find cover for existing conditions on any replacement policy.

The good news is that there are still 86 companies offering pet insurance, up from 74 three years ago according to a recent repo…………… continues on The Independent
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