Screw ObamaCare, I Want My Dog’s Insurance
News from Newser:

(Newser) – When doctors found a bulge on Nelson’s abdomen, they gave him an ultrasound and a CT scan, gave him a blood transfusion, and surgically removed the tumor, and insurance covered 90% of it, less a $ 500 deductible. And, as you’ve guessed by reading the headline, Nelson is a dog. “I’m jealous of him,” his owner, Eric Wee, writes in the New York Times. “He has the kind of health care that I’d hoped the Affordable Care Act would usher in.”

Instead, when Wee and his wife were kicked off their $ 263-per-month plan, the cheapest they could find on California’s exchange cost $ 620 a month, barely covered Wee’s asthma meds, and left him waiting weeks to see a doctor. ObamaCare may help many people, but Wee looked at Nelson’s care and “wanted to go to PetCare. I wanted pet insurance.” Of course, there’s probably a reason for the disparity. This Forbes piece…………… continues on Newser

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