Research Pays When Buying Pet Insurance
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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – We all love our pets, but when our animals get sick the price tag can be overwhelming. That’s why more Americans are considering, and purchasing, pet health insurance.

But what you get for your money varies greatly, and some owners are finding themselves out money and without the coverage they thought they were paying for.

At Minneapolis Westgate Pet Clinic, Dr. Bennett Porter has seen clients like Shelagh MaCleod struggle with vet bills. Last year, MacLeod’s Dalmation, Becci, suddenly had trouble walking.

“We discovered that she had a slipped disk, and she went straight to surgery,” MacLeod said. “The cost of the surgery alone was just around about the $ 5,000 mark.”

MacLeod does not have pet insurance, so she paid out of pocked.

With Vet bills for both routine and emergency care rising, Porter began looking into pet insurance policies.

“I felt a need to educate my clients,” he said. “I see them struggling with their bills.”

He conducts pet insurance seminars for both veterinarians and pet owners. He says the plans are all different, and that some are confusing.

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