Protect your pets this Christmas
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Category: Pet Insurance
Date: 23/12/2014

Christmas is the perfect excuse to gather as a family and indulge in a few festive treats, including good food, decorations and presents. However, while you may enjoy these things, your pet may not, and it could cause illness or injury to your beloved animal companion.

A not-so merry Christmas for pets

According to research by Sainsbury’s Bank Pet Insurance, 92% of vets surveyed said that they had treated a cat or dog injured or made ill by Christmas customs. The most common cause, seen by 82% of vets surveyed, was eating inappropriate food, such as grapes, chocolate or leftovers. Another major cause of a Christmas trip to the vets was stress caused by large numbers of people in the family home, with 46% of vets reporting seeing these cases.

Children’s toys are another common pet-related hazard, with 44% of vets saying that pets are brought in after having chewed the latest gifts, while another 42% claimed that they had treated pets that had eaten ribbons or strings from presents.

Other Christmas perils identified by vets included Christmas tree decorations, pine needles or injuries caused by children’s presents left lying around.

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