Petplan Pet Insurance Sees Increase in Claims – and Costs – for Cancer Treatment
News from Seattle Post Intelligencer:

As cancer claims increase and treatments advance, so do veterinary costs, according to America’s No.1 pet insurance provider

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PRWEB) March 14, 2012

While it is commonplace for human hospitals to offer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation to fight cancer, such treatments are also increasingly sought after in another place – the veterinary hospital. And with No. 1-rated Petplan pet insurance reporting a rise in claims for cancerous conditions among four-legged family members, it’s a trend that will continue to spread.

Petplan’s 2011 claims data reveals that cancers remain near the top of the list of the most-claimed conditions, and incidents for many types of cancer-related conditions are up dramatically. Lymphoma, the most commonly identified form of cancer in dogs, and Petplan’s fifth most-claimed for condition, has seen a 40% escalation in claims since 2010. Claims for melanoma are up 837%, claims for carcinomas rose 380% and mast cell tumors increased by 76%.

While a cancer diagnosis may once have meant a death sentence for pets, advanced treatments that allow the possibility of extended quality life or even a cure have become increasingly available to pets. However, costs can add up quickly. Treatments such as chemotherapy, r…………… continues on Seattle Post Intelligencer

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