Pet Talk: The pros and cons of pet insurance and wellness plans
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Nearly two years ago, Northeast Portland resident Pat Lee was on the fence about whether or not to get pet insurance for her three bull mastiffs.

She knew that they could hurt themselves if they played a little too rough, and a veterinarian at the clinic where she works had encouraged her to enroll, so she finally did.

Just a few months after purchasing a major medical plan through Pets Best, Lee’s dog, Ripley, was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma.


He went through two bouts of chemotherapy treatments and ultimately passed away in January. Lee’s plan covered 80 percent of Ripley’s treatment costs, maxing out at $ 7,000.

While Ripley did pass away in the end, Lee is grateful that she had the choice to proceed with the treatments.

“I would definitely recommend it,” she says of pet insurance. “If I hadn’t had it, I don’t think we would have gone through the chemotherapy, so it really helps with your decisions.”

Why get insurance?

Dr. Connie White, the veterinarian at Fremont Veterinary Clinic who encouraged Lee to get pet insurance, says it helps to cover the increasingly high costs of veterinary care.

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