Pet owners face rising health-care costs for animals
News from Tribune Review:

Things were touch-and-go for Vicki Shirley’s puppy Buttercup four years ago.

A trip to the vet after a nationwide pet-food scare landed the usually playful golden retriever in the hospital for nearly a week.

Vet bills totaled nearly $ 1,000.

“It’s gone up, that’s for sure,” Shirley says, referring to medical bills for her dogs.

Food costs often are the greatest expense in caring for a pet, but pricetags for medicine and trips to the vet have gradually climbed in the past 15 years. Pet owners are feeling the sticker shock.

The average U.S. household spent $ 655 on routine doctor and surgical visits for dogs last year, up 47 percent from a decade ago, according to the American Pet Products Association. Expenditures for cats jumped 73 percent in the same time frame, putting the rate of increase nearly on pace with that of health-care costs for humans.

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