Pet Nups signal future data focus for pet insurance market, says pet insurance
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(PRWEB) November 03, 2014

A global insurance technology firm is backing the bizarre legal innovation of a so called “Pet Nup,” from animal welfare charity The Blue Cross announced on 29 September 2014. The document, which is said to be legally binding, can be downloaded from the charity’s site and will protect the pet from any four-legged custodial problems that may arise from a divorce or break up; pet insurance technology experts Aquarium Software say it is one more thing to make your pet’s life more care free, and reduce the stress on the owner-pet relationship.

“At Aquarium we’re all for anything that makes the life of our pets easier, I think that comes from our extensive work in the pet insurance industry, and this latest legal file could protect your animal’s interests in stormy times,” said Mark Colonnese Aquarium VP Sales and Marketing. “When couples go through a messy divorce, the animal may often be the last thing they are worried about; this potentially changes that and puts the four legged friend on an equal footing with other family possessions.”

The legal pet possession document comes after

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