Pet Insurance Plans
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Most pet owners will do anything for their furry friends, but when animals get injured or sick the price tag can be overwhelming.

That’s why more Americans are now turning to wellness plans or health insurance for their pets.

In today’s Angie’s List report, sorting through the confusion of these pet protection policies.

Just like human health insurance plans, there may be deductibles, co-payments and exclusions.

Deductibles can vary greatly depending on your pet’s species, breed and age.

Dr. Kurt Phillips/Veterinarian said, “I think that when people get used to the monthly premiums in a younger pet, that’s always the best. Then they just know that this is a $ 40 a month payment that I’m going to make for the life of my pet.”

Bottom line, if you adore your pet and don’t have the cash to cover an emergency medical situation, a health insurance plan can provide you peace of mind, as well as the medical care your pet may need.

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