Pet insurance often a good investment but do research before you buy
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Question: What is pet insurance and is it worth investing in?

Answer: This is a great question! Pet insurance is a generally a good investment for most people. Pets need routine preventative care to stay healthy and live long and happy lives and this care is increasing in cost. In addition, statistics show that 75 percent of all dogs and cats will become sick or injured at some point in their life. There is a one in four chance that your dog will get cancer. Eighty percent of dogs and 75 percent of cats will have some form of oral disease by age 3.

The good news is that there are now many pet insurance companies to choose from. There are options and price levels to fit every budget. However, pet insurance is different from human medical insurance in many ways. Do your research and choose the best plan for your pet.

Some companies like VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance) are dedicated to wellness features and they pay a set amount back to the owner for things like routine health exams, vaccinations, fecal parasite testing, heartworm prevention, and yearly dental prophylaxis. They also pay out for illness and injury but in a different way. They often have set limits on diagnosis codes and for example, may pay up to $ 800 for a fractured leg. If the leg can be fixed with a splint, it may cover it entirely, but for a more co…………… continues on Palm Beach Post

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