Pet insurance is worth a look
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With the advancement of technology, so comes better and more sophisticated medical care for our pets.

Unfortunately, as in human medicine, this often is accompanied by additional expense. Indeed, quality health care for any pet at any stage in life can be much more than was anticipated by the pet owner, especially in an emergency situation. The demand for advanced health care for pets has been one of the driving forces behind the option of pet health insurance. Surprisingly, many pet owners are not even aware of this availability, which has been around for a little over 30 years.

As a small-animal practitioner, I have witnessed first-hand the anguish of many pet owners as they try to decide on treatment options for their sick or injured pet based on the reality of the bottom line: the monetary cost. The fact is that unforeseen accidents and illnesses are always a possibility in any pet’s life. While veterinary care is much less expensive than human medical treatments and procedures, it is certainly not cheap.

Even being a veterinarian, I purchased a health insurance plan for my new puppy. Many may find that surprising, but there are treatments and levels of care that are only done at referral centers, that I want to make sure that I can provide for him. Just like every other pet owner, I hope that I never need to use it, but it gives me peace of mi…………… continues on

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