Pet insurance guide: 7 things you need to know to pay less
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What about other pets, like rabbits, horses or exotic animals?

We are a nation of pet lovers, but millions of us are begrudgingly shelling out as much as £50 a month for some types of pet insurance policies, thanks to a rise in veterinary bills which have had a knock-on effect for insurers.

Last year, Sainsbury’s Bank – one of the providers of pet cover – said vets’ fees were escalating at 12pc per year, more than six times the rate of inflation.

Vets claim this inflation-busting rise is the result of the development of new drugs and medical technologies – which have helped many pets recover and live with conditions that would have proved fatal in the past.

But there have been concerns over some veterinary practices recommending additional check-ups or treatments to extract more money from the insurer.

With vets’ fees rising sharply, the average single pet insurance claim now costs more than £600, with pet insurers paying out £1.3m in claims every day, according to figures published by the Association of British Insurers.

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