Pet insurance company launches national petition to prohibit leaving dogs in cars
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Pet insurance company Petplan wants to crack down on the problem of pets dying from being left in hot cars by submitting a national petition to the Obama Administration. 

The company hopes to gather 100,000 signatures on its “Driven to Bark” petition by Sept. 3, ensuring a review by the White House. As of today, the petition has acquired more than 8,900 signatures.

“We’re heading into the dog days of summer, and many people just don’t realize how dangerous it can be to leave a pet in the car,” Dr. Jules Benson, Petplan’s chief veterinary officer, wrote to Pet Talk in an e-mail.

Even on a 75-degree day, which feels cool to humans, the temperature inside a car can reach 110 degrees in half an hour, he points out.

And unlike people, dogs cool down by panting rather than sweating. If they breathe in only hot air, their core temperature will rise.

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