Pet insurance claims are common around Halloween
News from Live Insurance News:

Though Halloween can be a wonderfully fun and exciting time of the year, some of the elements that make it an enjoyable celebration can present significant risks to the health of an animal, leading to some of the largest numbers of pet insurance claims.

One insurer reported that claims related to candy were 245 percent higher during that week last year.

Statistics from Petplan pet insurance showed that claims related to candy skyrocketed during the week surrounding Halloween, and were nearly 250 percent higher than at any other time in 2011. Since the number of Americans who will be taking part in Halloween celebrations is expected to break records this year – at an estimated 170 million – and over $ 2.33 billion will be spent on candy (according to statistics from the National Retail Federation), this means that the opportunity for harm will be very present.

Chocolate, which is poison to many animals, is a popular treat that causes pet insurance claims.

Unfortunately, when dogs and cats eat chocolate, it is not only expensive because the candy is gone, but it can become financially and emotionally…………… continues on Live Insurance News

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