Pet insurance claim costs up 34%
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Pet insurance claim costs up 34%

The average pet insurance claim has risen by a third in value in the space of a year, Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance said.

A typical claim received by Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance for vets’ bills went up by 34% in 2010, when compared with the previous year.

The insurer said that last year the typical claim it received for vets’ bills was £416.35 for a crossbreed dog, up from £333.83 in 2009, and £327.54 for a crossbreed cat, an increase on £253.84.

Bills sent to the insurer for pedigree dogs cost £469.20 on average last year, up from £416.33, while fees for pedigree cats stood at around £419.92, compared with £327.55 in 2009.

Helen Williams, head of Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance, said: “Those with pedigree pets can often face even higher veterinary bills because these animals often suffer more from hereditary health problems.”<…………… continues on The Press Association
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