Pet insurance: Are you covered?
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There’s no NHS for pets, yet according to one estimate, a staggering two-thirds of owners do not have insurance cover for their animals. And over a quarter (29%) put off taking their pet to the vet because they are worried about the expense. That’s perhaps understandable when you consider that these fees can be expensive and are increasing, according to some reports, by up to 15% annually.

This makes the cost of animal ownership potentially significant. For example, fixing bones, treating arthritis or operating on cataracts can cost thousands. Or your moggy could need £2,000 worth of veterinary care after a road accident.

Of course, you could self-insure your pet by putting some money aside yourself each month, but, if problems crop up before you’ve saved enough to cover vets’ fees, in the worst case scenario you could face a grim choice between finding the money some other way or having to end the life of a much-loved family pet.

And even if you have the funds available, in many cases if you do need to claim, pet insurance often still works out as the cheapest option.

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