Pet health insurance growing in popularity
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By Anthony Cave, Florida Keys Keynoter, (Marathon, Fla.)
Tribune Content Agency

March 11–Pet health insurance has been around since the 1980s, but pet owners are only now starting to get their paws on the paperwork.

While the number of pet owners nationwide who have insurance for their pets is relatively low, interest is starting to peak, especially in the Florida Keys.

The Marathon Veterinary Hospital, for example, has had a full-time staff member dedicated to helping folks sign up for pet insurance for about two years. The hospital has about 8,000 clients, snowbirds included, that have pet insurance for their feline friends. The hospital has about 30,000 clients, receptionist Megan Gardner said.

“There’s a lot more people talking about it,” Gardner said. “You can have a quote that’s maybe $ 5 a month, up to $ 40 a month, it is affordable for everyone.”

According to the North American Pet

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