Pet health insurance can offset the rising cost of veterinary care
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Health insurance has been a hot topic of conversation since 2010, when Congress passed the Affordable Care Act requiring everyone to buy health insurance. But while health policies for people have dominated the conversation, healthy policies for pets have quietly become a growing enterprise.

Maybe you haven’t given pet insurance much thought. But consumers routinely spend hundreds – even thousands – of dollars on veterinary bills when their furry friends get hurt or sick. Dozens of companies have moved in to offer insurance plans that can offset these significant medical expenses.

According to Petfinder, a pet website, the annual veterinary cost for a cat – including routine exams and vaccinations – can be $ 350. Emergency care can be as much as $ 2,000. Generally, veterinary care cost for dogs is higher.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

Consumers rate ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

Among the coverage available to consumers is a package of policies sold by the

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