Pet Health Insurance 101
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I realize some folks reading this column may feel buying a pet health insurance policy is a luxury, and possibly even a joke. In these recessionary times of cutbacks, downsizing and personal sacrifices, it may even appear wasteful. But just like human health insurance or life insurance, pet health insurance is supposed to be there for those (hopefully) rare situations that are serious enough to cause one to angst over care vs. cost.

In hard times, would you drop your own or your dependent’s healthcare coverage? Would you cancel your life insurance policy? Hopefully not.  

I personally have had a pet health insurance policy for Flip since he was a 1-year-old (he’s now 10 years old). Back then it was a very new thing, had that “experimental” feel to it, and there were very few companies out there offering decent plans. As soon as I adopted Tiki (she was 2 years old), I added a plan for her as well (the policy premium was reduced a litt…………… continues on

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