PERSONAL FINANCE: Should you buy pet insurance?
News from Shelton Herald:

One topic I’ve learned to avoid with new acquaintances until I know them better (along with politics and religion) is where they stand on the treatment of pets.

Some people, when their dog gets sick or badly injured, say, “It’s an animal — that’s just part of the circle of life.” Others consider Rover a close family member and would take out a second mortgage to save his life.

Jason Alderman

Pet owners from both camps probably see the barrage of ads for pet insurance and wonder whether it’s worth the expense, which might be several thousand dollars over the life of your pet. I did some research and the best answer I can come up with is, it depends.

First, ask yourself: Do you regard pet insurance as a financial investment, where you expect to get back more in benefits than you paid out in premiums over the pet’s life?

Or, is it more like auto or homeowner’s insurance, where you hope nothing ever goes seriously wrong, but you want coverage in case there’s a catastrophe?

Either way, here are some basic facts about pet insurance that may help you decide whether it’s right for you:

Similarities and differences

Pet insurance shares many features with human health insurance: Policies typically have annual deductibles, co-payment…………… continues on Shelton Herald

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