Owners most likely to make pet insurance claims in the first year
News from Swell Pets:

An expert has advised people to take out the most comprehensive pet insurance policy possible.

Pet owners are most likely to make a claim on their insurance policy during the first year of owning an animal.

This is according to head of ancillaries at Hastings Direct Dec Fisher, who said people have no way of knowing what illnesses their kitten or puppy could suffer from when they first take it on.

He recommended buying the most comprehensive policy possible for the first 12 months, as this can always be changed to a different cover further down the line.

“A comprehensive pet insurance policy should offer good cover limits for accident, injury or illness,” Mr Fisher stated.

However, many providers will not protect pets under eight weeks old, while the majority will not offer first-time cover for older animals.

To avoid making a claim on their insurance policy there are plenty of things people can do to try and keep their animal healthy.

As well as making sure they get plenty of exercise and eat the right dog or cat food, administering regular dog flea treatments or a

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