Outrageous pet insurance claims: Dog survives being buried alive
News from Fox Business:

As anyone who spends time watching YouTube dog and cat videos knows, pets often have a canny knack for getting into all sorts of quirky calamities. But sometimes what’s fascinating becomes frantic as we rush our beloved animals to the vet for emergency care.

That’s what happened to Peanut, the dog who won Veterinary Pet Insurance’s Hambone Award contest for fetching the most outlandish claim. (The annual challenge is named after a canine that devoured an entire holiday ham while accidentally locked inside a walk-in fridge.)

The rowdy dachshund-terrier mix (pictured right) often amuses her owners, Keith and Christy Wolfram of Sicklerville, N.J., by chasing wildlife from the backyard. But things got out of hand last October when she tussled with a skunk and ended up buried alive in dirt beneath the deck. She was finally unearthed after a few hours, barely breathing and suffering from hypothermia, but not before some drama ensued.

Unable to find Peanut, the couple had called firefighters for back-up help. Everyone started digging – and the rescue mission may have ended if not for the dogged determination of the canine’s owners.

“When the firefighters saw Christy continue to dig, one of them decided to take a last look,” said Keith Wolfram in a statement. “I remember him shouting, ‘I see her paw!,’ and my heart just sank. By the time they got he…………… continues on Fox Business

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