Meeting the often expensive financial needs of our pets
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Sarasota, Fla. — Medical expenses and pets go hand in hand. Even the healthiest of dogs, cats, and other types of pets require regular checkups and veterinary visits to maintain licensing and tags. Over your pet’s lifetime, there may be unexpected costs that you will be thankful you have a backup plan in place.

Special financing companies, do-it-yourself fundraising efforts, veterinary payment plans, and pet insurance companies offer ways to help meet expenses. Some pet insurance plans even cover genetic diseases in specific breeds.

Sarasota resident Sara Clark is without insurance and is currently facing a $ 4,000 procedure to help her dog, Keeva. Keeva is a 13 month old Bullmastiff puppy in need of heart surgery and she was just admitted at the time of this article’s writing to drain fluid from around her heart until funding can be secured and a surgery date can be scheduled. Sara has managed to raise about $ 1000 through a local grant but still hopes to raise the remaining funds in her community through a GoFundMe account setup at continues on South Dade News Leader

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