Is pet insurance worth it?
News from CNBC:

The decision of whether or not to provide this type of care and protection for your pet can be an emotional one, but it can also have important financial ramifications. If your puppy swallows a small toy, for example, it could cost nearly $ 1,300 on average to have it removed at an emergency clinic or a veterinarian’s office, according to a 2014 survey by the pet insurer PetFirst. For a cat with a bout of pneumonia, the average vet bill is about $ 960.

“Many people might feel that they would rather put money into an account to provide for emergencies with their pet. That may be a very good idea for ongoing veterinary costs, such as payment for check-ups. But what if something unexpected happens and you have to pay thousands of dollars for an operation for your dog?” said pet lifestyle expert and entrepreneur Wendy Diamond, founder and CEO of Animal Fair Media. “You’re unlikely to have saved that much money, especially if you’ve only been saving for a few months. If you have pet insurance in place, this can help with the cost.”

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