Is pet insurance right for your clients? 7 questions to ask
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With veterinary costs rising, your pet may need insurance just as much as you do. (Bryan Doane/FLICKR)

Pet insurance should be a well-researched purchase for pet owners, as there are now more options on the market than ever before. 

Though expensive premiums may be cumbersome for many clients, basic insurance premiums average $ 50 a month, according to pet insurer Trupanion. Coverages, of course, vary from policy to policy, and range from basic emergency coverage to full “maintenance” plans. The price of pet premiums varies by their span of coverage, species, age and, of course, breed.

Click through the following pages to review the options to consider when looking at pet insurance for your clients.


Some of the basic needs for coverage are medication, routine check-ups and emergency services. Common problems for dogs, such as ingesting harmful objects, can cost upward of $ 1,500 per visit. Cats have medical issues too, and their costs can be similar.

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