Is pet insurance a good choice?
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“More than ever, pets are living much long than they used to live with heart worm prevention, better nutrition and proper vaccination. We’re seeing a longer life pet,” said Dr. Mike Randall. He treats all kinds of illnesses and injuries at Randall Veterinary Hospital in Byram, and it’s those unexpected events that catch many pet owners financially off guard.

“If you are in a bind and you come in, your pet’s been hit by a vehicle and it’s going to cost you $ 4,000 to get this leg repaired, I think pet health insurance is a really good option for somebody who can’t afford that right off the bat,” Randall said.

There are a number of pet insurance plans available. Dr. Randall says the policies work just like health insurance for people. “For emergency care, those types of plans, I think they are worth your money. We have several people that come in and they have these plans and they are thankful they have this. There’s usually an 80% and a 100% coverage option, and deductibles range, $ 100. $ 500. And it’s per instance. Yes, they cover the medication.”

Dr. Randall says pet insurance is actually a good deal for Mississippians. “As far as veterinary cost goes, we are at the bottom. The very bottom. The insurers are much more likely to give you a better rate here and give you some good coverage because it’s not as expensive.”

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