Is It Worth Taking Out Pet Insurance?
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The North American Pet Health Insurance Association notes that the pet healthcare industry costs pet owners an astronomical $ 15.25 billion per year, over a fourth of the total $ 58.5 billion spent annually by pet owners.

With over 179 million documented pets in America and Canada alone, pet insurance is on the rise. Although only about one in every 200 pets carries coverage, the industry is growing at an average 13.2 percent a year.

Pet insurance comes in a variety of options, from basic offerings available through most pet insurers, to more difficult to secure options such as lifetime, high-level coverage. Savings Experiment categorizes these types of coverage available to interested pet owners as accident coverage, illness coverage and wellness coverage.

“Wellness coverage is for routine annual exams,” Savings Experiment reports, “and according to Consumer Reports and, it’s not generally wort…………… continues on Nasdaq

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