Insurance Payouts for Dog Bites are on the Rise
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Story Created: May 23, 2012 at 4:54 PM AKDT

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 ANCHORAGE – As the weather gets warmer more people and their pets are getting outside.

That’s not always a good thing though. If you’re a dog owner you could end up paying big bucks when your furry friend becomes ferocious.

Insurance companies are now taking more precautions due to an overwhelming increase in dog bites.

“Dogs can do some really serious damage,” said Paul Huston, of Conrad Insurance. “If a large dog like that latches onto a small child it could be some really horrible results.”

The Department Of Health and Social Service says when there is an increase of dog bites insurance companies have to give out more money.

According to some people, they don’t bother to tell their insurance agent they have a dog at home.

With over 479 million paid for dog bite claims, in the United States last year, some places are banning the so-called “aggressive” breeds.

But not everyone agrees it’s the dog’s fault if it bites.

“Just because you’re a pit bull doesn’t mean their prone to biting,” said Jacqueline Duke. “I think they have to be raised that way. I think it’s up to the pet owner to be responsible.”

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