Insurance Claim of the Week: Pet Pig Overdoses on Owner’s Pills
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Potbellied pigs aren’t a terribly common pet, but they’re clean, intelligent, and make for good companionship. Teresa Praus-Choe and her husband Ian love their little piggy, cheekily named Crispy Bacon, although in December the portly bugger gave them quite a scare when he got into their medication and ate bottles of ibuprofen, acetaminophen, omeprazole, and beta blockers. Crispy’s trip to the vet earned him the “Most Unusual Claim of the Month” by Veterinary Pet Insurance.   

Whether his pill popping was a failed suu-eee-cide attempt, an emulation of rockstar lifestyle, or an homage to one of many prescription pill-ingesting celebrities, Crispy’s owners came home and found he had knocked over a table and eaten through various bottles to get to the circular prizes inside. Once the piggy puking started, the Praus-Choes rushed him to a nearby emergency animal hospital, where Crispy was treated for drug toxicity. 

The potbellied pig’s treatment was no joke:

Concerned for the health and functionality of his heart, kidney and liver, Crispy’s veterinarian administered fluids intravenously, performed a charcoal treatment, and completed blood work daily to monitor Crispy’s organ function.

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