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Pets are a great joy to many families but they come with a price-tag.

For most family pets that financial cost is not huge – somewhere in the region of $ 1000 a year for a mid-size dog and $ 500 for a cat.

But when it comes to vet’s bills, especially one out of the blue if your pet is run over by a car or something, then pet owners can face a personal finance ethical quandary.

Should they spend big money saving their pet or put that money aside for other family-related bills?

For less well-off households where there isn’t much money for luxuries, thousand-dollar vet bills fall like a bombshell.

Bob Kerridge, executive director of SPCA Auckland, says people become responsible for animals they take into their family as pets.

That raises the uncomfortable question about whether some people are just too poor to responsibly keep pets.

“It’s a bad thing to say that if you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t get it,” he says. “Although there is an element of truth to that, I don’t think that is a good attitude.”

For Kerridge, responsible pet ownership means ensuring you do have the money for vet bills, so you are never in a position where you can’t afford them.

Others have similar feelings.

Wellington vet Brendon Bullen from Pet Doctors in Kelburn suggests pet-owners on tight incomes set aside a l…………… continues on

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