Huge opportunity seen in pet life insurance
News from Hindu Business Line:

Mumbai, July 20: 

With rising veterinary costs, there is an increasing demand for health insurance for pets, although this product is currently not available. On the other hand, pet life insurance which is available, finds hardly any takers.

“Pet health insurance as a product is not available in India today due to the small market size of pet insurance. Due to the high costs of maintaining a pet and due to ever-increasing veterinary expenses, there will be a considerable number of people opting for pet health insurance in the next two years,” said Dr Ashok Patil, Head-Rural Insurance, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance.

In two years’ time, it is hoped, there will be some pet health insurance products in the market.

Life insurance

People opting for pet life insurance are usually from the rich or upper-middle classes who have expensive pets at home. (Dogs and cats are usual…………… continues on Hindu Business Line
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