Health coverage for critters: Rising cost fuels growth in medical policies for …
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“There’s a lot of clients who have multiple pets. … It’s expensive. Health insurance is the way to go for the future,” said Dr. Nicole Longo.

Island animal hospitals outline rising pet care costs and insurance Doctors form the Pleasant Plains and Bay Street animal hospitals outline the rise in pet care costs and the benefits of insurance.

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — When Jennifer Meier adopted two yellow Labrador retrievers, Arizona and Faith, she drove straight the vet to get check-ups for her new pups.

While at the Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital she signed up for a one-month free trial for pet insurance.

“Arizona got a urinary tract infection and ended up going on antibiotics for some time, and she needed sonograms during that first month,” said Ms. Meir, a Prince’s Bay resident.

She decided to keep¬†the coverage¬†after the free trial — and it paid off.

Soon after the pooches came home, Faith needed elbow surgery. The cost: $ 4,400. continues on Staten Island Advance –

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