‘Hambone Award’ Goes To Pet With Strangest Insurance Claim (PHOTOS)
News from Huffington Post:

Move over, Westminster Kennel Club dog show, with all your fancy, near-perfect canines — here’s a contest for ordinary pets and the extraordinary problems they get into.

It’s none other than the Hambone Awards, given by Veterinary Pet Insurance to the domesticated animal and owner responsible for “the most unusual claim of the year.”

One contender for the crown is Harley, a pug that developed an eating disorder of sorts while boarding at his veterinarian when his owner was out of town.

“I got home and we went for a walk and he started popping out rocks,” said Lori Laverdiere of Manville, R.I. “It kind of sounded like quarters falling in a casino machine.”

Harley got worse before he got better, spending the night convulsing in Laverdiere’s arms before they made an emergency trip to the vet.

“I could still feel rocks inside him. He felt like a Beanie Baby,” Laverdiere told The Huffingto…………… continues on Huffington Post
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