Five reasons you should insure your dog
News from Times & Star:

Advertising feature. Your dog is a member of your family. That’s a bit of a cliché, but it’s true, isn’t it? He or she wakes up with you, watches telly with you and eats dinner with you (often when you’re not looking and they’re stealing leftovers from your plate). 

They are your friend and your security guard, your court jester and your cuddly toy, and this is why you need to make financial provisions should anything happen to them. According to Yahoo Finance, your canine companion could cost as much as £16,000 over its lifetime .

That’s a huge sum of money to see all in one fell swoop, but owning a dog is a huge commitment, not just emotionally but financially too. Your loyal furry friend is your pride and joy, but aside from your house and your car, your dog could be the most expensive thing you own.

Some of this value can be broken down into manageable everyday expenses such as food, grooming and kennel stays. However, much of this expense is made up of vet bills, which can cause problems if doled out in one fell swoop.

The RSPCA, a charity that has cared for animal welfare for over a hundred years, now offer pet insurance designed to ensure your pet is covered…………… continues on Times & Star

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