Finding the right pet insurance plan requires research
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By Kristina McConaughey

Pet health insurance isn’t a new idea — insurance for pets has been available for more than 20 years. But, for most pet owners, the concept of pet health insurance is still relatively new. The variety of coverage plans, while encouraging, often are viewed with confusion and even suspicion as to whether they actually reduce the costs of pet care.

Today’s veterinary medicine closely parallels human medicine. Most veterinary practices are equipped with an in-house laboratory which provides full bloodwork in minutes, advanced radiography, advanced dentistry and several other diagnostic capabilities. Veterinarians also are armed with advanced treatments for pets. Many of us perform surgeries, dental extractions and other therapies that just a couple of decades ago were not available. The medical advancements of today bring increased cost. We are able to do a much better job, but it is more expensive. Pet health insurance helps the everyday pet owner afford the advanced care they often want for their pets.

When considering pet health insurance, pet owners need to shop the various plans and choose from different coverage plans with varying premiums and deductibles. Plans are mostly based on species, age and pre-existing conditions. Most companies start policies at…………… continues on Midland Reporter-Telegram

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