Don’t skimp on insurance for your pet the right policy is key to success
News from Herald Scotland:

Hoping for the best could cost owners dear, with vets’ fees rising by an estimated 12% a year, according to a survey for Debenhams Pet Insurance.

It says almost one in five pet owners report that they have made financial sacrifices in order to continue paying for the care of their animals.

The average annual spend by a dog owner is nearly £100 a month, while for cat owners it’s £85, yet treating a dog at the vet could cost £800 or more.

Meanwhile, cold weather and over-indulgence at this time of year can cause significant health problems – and that’s just for pets. According to pet insurers certain types of claims tend to go up in the winter months.

One insurer saw a 79% increase in claims for poisoning in December last year as a result of dogs eating the wrong things.

John Ellenger, at insurer More Than, said: “Most owners know that chocolate is toxic to dogs and in some cases as little as 2g of dark chocolate can cause dogs to vomit and suffer from muscle tremors. Sadly, in some instances it can also be fatal.

“To help prevent this happening, remember to avoid low hanging chocolate tree decorations or tempting edible presents wrapped under the tree.”

Poultry skin, fat trimmings, rich gravies and buttery sauces can also upset dogs’ digestive systems, while onions, chives, leeks and sage and onion stuffing can be poi…………… continues on Herald Scotland

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