DOGS & CATS: Follow Some Simple Steps For Pet, Owner Harmony
News from Gazette Newspapers:

Our pets bring us happiness, companionship, protection and love. A few simple steps will insure a happy and healthy life for your pet. 

1. Budget: Plan ahead. Start a health savings account for your pet. $ 25 to $ 50 per month will come in handy for unexpected emergencies. You may also want to explore pet insurance.

2. Physical Exams and Dental Care: Barring any illness, plan on at least one checkup per year for your dog or cat up to age 7 and at least two check ups per year thereafter. Dental prophylactic cleaning usually starts at 3 or 4 years of age and future cleanings will vary with each pet.

3. Vaccinations: Puppy and kitten boosters should be given to all pets during their first year. After that, some vaccines may be given less frequently than once per year. When possible, give fewer vaccines at one time. For cats, request non-adjuvented vaccines. They may be safer than traditional vaccines.

4. Flea Control: Flea control given every month is the best, least expensive way to keep your pet healthy. Flea prevention has never been safer for you and your pet. Fleas not only feed on your pet, they can transmit disease. 

5. Heartworm and Internal Parasite Control: Heartworm is a deadly parasite transmitted by mosquitoes and we are seeing more cases every year in Southern…………… continues on Gazette Newspapers

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