Doggone veterinary outlay was worth every dollar
News from The Daily Telegraph:

Claire Harvey with her recovering Border Collie. Source: The Sunday Telegraph

WHAT sort of idiot spends thousands of dollars on medicine for a dog? How gullible would you have to be to sign up for pet insurance? And – seriously – chemotherapy for a cat?

I really didn’t think I was that person – the person who forks out over $ 3000 for a sick dog.

But, as I discovered this week, I am.

I totally am. And if the bill were triple, I’d pay with a smile.

Our puppy got sick – really sick.

With Dr Internet, I diagnosed her with everything from congenital heart failure to leukaemia. I raked through the backyard looking for poisons she might have eaten. I examined her vomit and poo. I hugged her in the vet’s waiting room. When she was admitted to the vet hospital and we had to go home without her, I Googled “puppy” and gazed at gambolling fluffballs.

And when I thought she was going to die, I drove along the freeway, weeping in that open-mouthed, silent shuddering way, as drivers swerved around me. I swiped through my phone to play Mr Bojangles, hiccoughing along with the verse.

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