Dogged by pricey pet care? Cost-cutting tips for pet owners
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(BPT) – These days, everyone is searching for ways to save money and stretch budgets. Consumer experts advise people to sniff out deeper discounts, saving opportunities and additional ways to cut costs. For pet owners, it can feel challenging to cut costs without compromising on care.

Being vigilant is key, according to pet expert, Charlotte Reed.

“Clip coupons, use store circulars and ask for discounts like family and friend’s rewards, and multiple pet or store loyalty programs,” says Reed. “Constantly challenge yourself to find ways to save money when it comes to pets. I do it every day!”

To get started, Reed suggests using these five tips. Before you know it, you’ll be seeing savings on everything your four-legged friend needs.

1. A membership that pays

You might think of AAA as being strictly for roadside assistance. Think again – pet owners can enjoy additional discounts, which most people never take advantage of. For example, pet-owning members can shop in-store or online and receive discounts with pet manufacturers and national pet retailers. Some discounts vary among regional auto clubs, but it’s always worth it to ask.  

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