Dog seller offers buyer ‘pet insurance
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PUTNAM COUNTY — A Putnam County man who tried to buy an English bulldog through an Internet web site got scammed, he told police.

The man came to the Putnam Sheriff’s office on Sept. 27 and reported his experience to Deputy Bobby Lane.

He went online looking for a place to buy a dog and found a web site offering one for sale, so he e-mailed the site, the deputy’s report says.

“She emailed him back a long list telling him why they were getting rid of the dog. She asked him where will the dog be living, as well as other questions that would appear to be in the dog’s best interest.”

After that, the Putnam man sent the seller $ 190 by Western Union.

A short time later, he began receiving phone calls from a man who told him that “he would have to take out pet insurance before the airline would ship the dog.”

He was instructed to send $ 590 “to Cameroon at 55 Airport Rd. Zip Code 00237,” the report says.

The Putnam man told the caller he did not have the money to pay, and the caller then said that “if he could come up with some of the money they would get the dog owner to come up with the rest.”

The caller was now asking him to send $ 400 and claimed the money was “refundable upon the dog being delivered to him.”

That caller contacted the Putnam man 23 times attempting to get the “insurance” money.

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