‘Do you have pet insurance?’: The 12 most awkward moments from VICE’s Live …
News from Metro:

Boy meets girl for the first time in this extremely awkward first date.

Off the back of their ‘normal people’ First Kiss video, VICE decided to live stream an awkward first date for our viewing pleasure.

One chap from the First Kiss video, and a girl described as ‘a girl our fashion editor knows’ met for the first time in a flat above The Old Blue Last pub in London.

Their conversation covered everything from education and travel to which celebrities they would like to have a threesome with (her: Jack White and Dita Von Teese, him: Eminem and Megan Fox).

While she found the experience fun and interesting, he evidently wanted to take this beyond just the one date, but he had a hard time convincing his ladyfriend.

The date turned out to be three plus hours of awkward courting, made all the cringeworthy by an unrequited crush and possibly one of the worst chat-up lines in the world.

Here’s our rundown of the 12 most awkward moments from Live Awkward First Date.

1. Him (when asked what three things he would want with him on a desert island besides food and water) ‘A TV, a DVD player, and let’s just say 18+ DVDs. They’re survival techniques for most men I know.’

2. When this gem was said

3. When he revealed what he was hiding under his hat.

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