Dear Ms. Kitty: Insurance another tool in providing cat care
News from Colorado Springs Gazette:

Dear readers,

Most pet owners understand the importance of having health insurance for themselves, but they may not think it’s important for their cats (or dogs for that matter). My opinion? Having health insurance for our furry loved ones is equally as important. Think of pet insurance as another tool – along with health and wellness checkups – to avoid a financial crisis should you confront unexpected veterinary expenses from accidents and unforeseen illnesses or medical conditions.

This photo released by Veterinary Pet Insurance shows Snag L. Tooth catching a cat nap at his home in Portland, Oregon.(AP Photo/Veterinary Pet Insurance)**NO SALES**

You may be thinking that pet insurance is an expensive added monthly cost, but it doesn’t need to be. Pet insurance is now affordable and allows pet guardians to give their pets the best necessary care available.

I’m often asked: Why do I need insurance for my cat, when he appears completely healthy? Remember that pet insurance works very much like your own health coverage. The insurance is meant to protect your pet against potential accidents and illnesses.

Any cat or kitten, even the healthiest ones, risk having an accident or getting sick. The best time to purchase pet insurance for your pet is when they are healthy. This doesn’t mean you can’t get insurance for pre-existing…………… continues on Colorado Springs Gazette

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