Call Kurtis Investigates: State Bill Aims to Simplify Pet Insurance Coverage
News from CBS Local:

CERES (CBS13) — A new state bill that would simplify terms for pet insurance policies is advancing through the state legislature, aiming to keep the $ 750-million industry on a shorter leash.

State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said the industry desperately needs stricter definitions of insurance policies, to ensure customers are clear about what is covered and what is not. He believes AB 2056 would do that.

Of the 32 pet insurance cases the Department of Insurance investigated last year, 29 ended up being overturned and paid by the insurance company — a rate that has Jones concerned.

“Pet insurance doesn’t have adequate transparency or disclosure,” Jones told Call Kurtis.

Linda Sheldon of Ceres said her insurer refused to cover all of her dog’s emergency medical costs, though she paid almost $ 500 per year for insurance she believed would cover her Chihuahua Bella.

Sheldon said Bella pulled on her leash too hard, injuring her throat. After several trips to the vet for a collapsed trachea, Bella took her last breath.

“She was just my little angel puppy,” Linda said. “I really didn’t think she was in such bad shape that she was going to die.”

Sheldon’s pet insurance company, Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) from Nationwide, only covered $ 600 of the roughly $ 1,300 in vet bills.

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