Ashburn Pup’s Snowy Owl Attack Cited As Most Unusual Pet Insurance Claim
News from Leesburg Today:

Ashburn resident Tracy Sheppard is used to keeping a close eye on Jack, her 6-year-old Jack Russell terrier because of his penchant for finding trouble. However, it was trouble that found Jack recently when a snowy owl dropped from the skies to swoop the 15-pound dog up in its talons, eventually dropping the petrified pooch in the neighbor’s yard.

The incident earned the title of January’s Most Unusual Claim of the Month by Veterinary Pet Insurance Co., with which the Sheppards have had pet health insurance for the past five years.

Upon finding their injured dog, the Sheppards thought possibly a fox or coyote had gotten the better of Jack and rushed him to an emergency animal hospital, where he was treated for a variety of injuries—including a deep laceration across the left side of the body, deep wounds on his head, difficulty breathing and shock. X-rays showed the dog had bruising of the lungs and a skull fracture. The veterinary staff, concerned about internal bleeding, performed exploratory surgery and found that Jack did have bruising of his kidneys and liver, but no major vessels had been damaged. Fortunately, Jack has since made a full recovery.

In the days after the incident, the Sheppards puzzled over what could have caused his injuries. The veterinarian concluded they were…………… continues on Leesburg Today

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