Are you wagging pet insurance? You could be a dog’s best friend
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It helped that we have pet insurance, but it rapidly became clear that its upper limit of £3,000, which we had thought generous, wasn’t going to be enough to cover the initial costs, never mind any ongoing drug treatments she might need.

Daisy was treated at the Royal Veterinary College Hospital, near Potters Bar, north of London, a place of such tranquillity and professionalism, I’d be happy to place my own health in their hands.

It’s not cheap, but the length of the consultations, the listening ear – and the fact the staff telephone you twice a day updating you on your animal’s condition (something NHS users can only dream of) do help you feel you’re getting your money’s worth.

At our first appointment, the vet explained the initially-quite-conservative tests they were going to run for a mere £1,200. When I gave an audible intake of breath, she replied: “I could spend £15,000 easily on Daisy in 15 minutes.”

“Doing what? I spluttered. “Online gambling?”

But the thing is, caring for an ailing pet isn’t about the cash. At least not at first. It’s about repaying loyalty and unconditional love.

O’Grady’s previous rescue dog, Buster, a shih tzu-bichon frisé cross, also had cancer and was put down, aged 14, in 2009. So when Olga was diagnosed with cancer of the kidney and given 18 months to live, he didn’t hesitate to pay for surger…………… continues on

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